Retail Sector

Praelexis offers retail solutions through our Retail powered by AI suite. We have developed domain expertise through partnering with experts in the field of retail.

Examples of solutions we are involved in include:

Similar Basket

Similar basket and product association analysis provides insight in shopping patterns and enables customer segmentation and profitability useful for targeted marketing. See one of our clustering models below, and customer archetypes associated with the segmentation.

Sales-volume optimisation

Sales-Volume and Sales-Profit optimisation identifies optimal price points and discounts and informs retail costing strategy, improving sell-through rate.

Store Layout

Store layout optimisation uses computer vision and planograms to discover optimal product adjacencies and shelf layouts.

Recommender System

Our Admission System allows the effective and efficient admission of learners into the school system. The system replaces resource-intensive and time-consuming manual processes with an automated, data-driven solution. Admissions is an end-to-end product that captures data and recommends optimal resource allocation as a solution with user-friendly front-end results. In addition, our intervention models identify the probability for failing to progress and prescribe timeous interventions to increase learner retention.

Other Solutions

This includes Product Promotion Bundling, Campaign Assessment, Loyalty Programme Assessment, Inventory Prediction, and Assortment Optimisation.

Case study (Similar Basket):

retail data science


Prepared Meals and Fresh Coffee


Chocolate, Chips, Coke and Chewing Gum


Cigarettes, Coffee/Coke and a Pie


Household Products and Toiletries


Pre-Packed Vegetables

Basic Buyer

Bread and Milk