Better credit modelling in the cloud using Praexia

Praexia is a cloud-native toolset that provides a complete credit modelling lifecycle for large and small datasets using a suite of graphical tools that empowers decision scientists with the Python ecosystem.

Already trusted by credit providers

Praelexis Customer: Capitec Bank

“Some very good news, we successfully deployed the AI-Platform credit scorecard recipe to production today! Big thanks to the team for helping us get this over the line. It was a pleasure to work off of a well written code base, and the requested changes were delivered on time and to spec.”

— Decision Scientist, Capitec.

“Praexia allows us to improve on all aspects of risk management by providing a single toolkit for data analysis and preparation, modelling, deployment and monitoring. It allows us to use the latest tools and techniques, without sacrificing the transparency, robustness, customisation and efficiency we expect.”

— Credit Modeller, Matogen

What sets us apart

Praexia offers some features you don’t normally associate with other credit modelling solutions.


Create, evaluate and deploy credit models using a cloud-native toolkit that runs on AWS and Azure. Choose between hosting in your cloud environment, or a managed instance.

Big Data capable

Work with datasets both large and small, with thousands of columns and millions of rows.

Python ecosystem

Use out-of-the-box visual tools to create and evaluate credit models using classic approaches like Weights of Evidence, or dive directly into state of the art techniques by leveraging the entire Python ecosystem.

Choose between self-hosted and managed options

Host Praexia inside your own cloud subscription, which gives you complete control. Or allow us to manage the infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters to you.



Praexia, completely managed by Praelexis.
  • AWS or Azure

  • Full Praexia solution

  • Managed cloud environment

  • Interactive modeling widgets

  • Examples and Documentation



Praexia, hosted in your cloud environment.
  • AWS or Azure

  • Full Praexia solution

  • Full environment control

  • Interactive modeling widgets

  • Examples and Documentation


Powered by the world’s best Opensource software


Supercharge your ability to automatically bin thousands of variables quickly and optimally with the built-in opensource OptBinning project.


Work within the Jupyter Lab environment and IPyWidgets framework, used by millions of decision scientists around the world, and benefit from the visual tools to speed up the credit modelling process.

PyData Stack

The entire PyData stack is exposed through Praexia Credit. Use our suite of specialized credit-modelling functions, or mix and match using the power of the Python ecosystem to write your own.

Don’t know Python? We offer training

If your team doesn’t know Python, we can help. We offer a unique series of affordable courses that train credit modellers and decision scientists to use Python, specifically for credit modelling. We happily cater to both beginners and more advanced users. Take a look at our Python for Credit training courses.

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Still unsure if Praexia is what your team needs? Take a look at our product brochure and read our whitepaper on how Praexia can make a difference to your credit modelling workflow.

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