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The world is changing quickly and so is the credit landscape. Credit models need to nimbly adjust to the changing environment or face the consequences of becoming outdated. The Praelexis Credit Toolkit allows you to adapt and thrive.

Praelexis provides a toolset with extensive functionality for the whole development cycle of credit modeling and deployment. Our Constrata Credit Toolkit assists both technical and non-technical users to reduce credit risk by building, evaluating, deploying and tracking credit models. For technical users transparency and control over their credit modelling tools is available, without compromising on functionality and efficiency. Non-technical users can develop credit models with ease.


An encompassing range of modelling techniques allow users to select between more classic approaches (like weights of evidence) and the latest ML approaches (like neural networks).


The powerful user interface provides for a seamless user experience, with all the building blocks of the toolkit intuitively available for implementation. Parameter tuning has never been easier.


The Constrata Credit Toolkit excels in taking a credit model through the end-to-end development cycle. From prototype to production, you are in a secure, integrated and scalable environment. Models remain auditable and explainable.

Praelexis Credit is the integrated, end-to-end solution for Credit Granting

Praelexis Credit is the integrated, end-to-end solution for Credit Granting

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