Machine learning, from
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Bring coherence and consistency to your business’s ML prototyping, development, and production lifecycle.

Innovative organisations incorporating data-driven decision-making often encounter the challenge that the prototyping, development and production environments of machine learning solutions lack coherence and consistency. Constrata provides the synergy between all the components of the Machine Learning development cycle. The toolkit enables organizations to become data-driven decision makers by empowering their data scientists and developers with user-friendly tooling configurations. Constrata defines a good practice way-of-work that is validated in use and can be easily adopted.


Constrata harnesses the full technology stack to develop and deploy ML models securely.


Constrata provides seamless transition between the testing of prototyped solutions and the full-scale deployment, monitoring and improvement of models.


Constrata allows smooth interchangeability of technology platforms. The toolkit can run in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid setups.

The Constrata Machine Learning Toolkit

The Praelexis Constrata Machine Learning Toolkit
The Praelexis Constrata Machine Learning Toolkit


Tell us about your specific machine learning needs. We build whatever you need.

Constrata for Credit

Enhance Bureau scores by quickly and cost-effectively incorporating your own data. Build custom credit scorecards interactively using our toolkit for technical and non-technical users.

Constrata for Bank Statements

Automatically extract income, expenses, and categories from your clients’ bank statements. Customise the categories you are interested in.

Custom project

Build your own solutions, or work with us. We are a group of Machine Learning- and Software engineers and Data scientists with experience in Banking, Education, Insurance, Healthcare, Mining, and Retail, with a special focus on FSI.

Praelexis Constrata Logo