Georgie Farmer


George is an entrepreneur and cofounded Praelexis with McElory Hoffmann in October 2012. He finished his studies at the University of the Western Cape in 1990 to pursue a career in education. Prior to joining Praelexis he was a School Manager in the Dept of Education and later became District head of EMIS in the Namakwa Region in the Northern Cape. In 2004 he left the Department to become head of the Educational Fund of the NDFT. Here he was also responsible for all the ICT infrastructure of the NDFT and it was in this time that he and Mcelory created their first web based Bursary Information System. In 2009 he left the NDFT and ventured into business. He also served on the Board of the NIHE (Northern Cape Institute of Higher Education). George is an educator an entrepreneur at heart and highly values the development of people and institutions to their full potential. He hails from the Northern Cape and loves to motorbike through his beloved Province. He is also a keen marathon runner with three comrades under his belt. He loves networking with people and believes the success to any business venture starts with having the right jockeys at the helm.