Praelexis Approach

The phases of machine learning management

  • 1. Exploration

    making sure we understand your business and industry, defining the needs of the business and the preliminary parameters of the envisioned solution, identifying and testing relevant data streams.

  • 2. Problem identification

    designing the research question which will guide the solution crafting process (a critical part of the process where our data crafters apply their skills to understand your problem – off-the-shelf solutions cannot do this).

  • 3. Selection and acquisition of data

    the phase  where many “data solution providers” get stuck, because it’s not only about the quantity of data, but more importantly about the quality.

  • 4. Algorithmic model building

    where we perform our trade, crafting the heart of your solution.

  • 5. Rigorous testing and cross-validation

    running countless demos and beta versions and stress-testing on real data until we are satisfied that the model deliver on the specifications and perform with minimized risk.

  • 6. Presenting a crafted solution

    we want you to appreciate the beauty of the solution we present, therefore we invest in the user experience of our solutions in order for the interface and dashboards to be clear and attractive.

  • 7. Continued improvement

    that which allows our data solutions to be called Machine Learning, where iterative processes improve predictions and analytical capabilities increase as the solution is used.

Who benefits?

We tend to think every business in some way or another can benefit from our data crafting.  Our clients range across many industries, including retail, manufacturing, education and healthcare.  Our solutions are customised to our clients’ needs, which may include inventory management, predictive maintenance, identifying and eliminating fraud risk, identifying and interpreting buyers’ preferences and sentiment analysis.

The Praelexis Way

When we do business with you, we become partners and play for the same team.  We build long-term relationships with our clients, where we work with you to ensure superior return on your data investment. Our solution is a truly adaptive and robust model.

The future is no longer what it used to be.  It can be understood and influenced, putting you ahead of your competitors by enabling you to see beyond the horison.  That is what we are here for.  Praelexis is your data crafting partner.