The Story of Praelexis

Our story illustrates the maxim that there is nothing as practical as good theory. The integration of theory and praxis has been at the heart of who Praelexis is. It all began when founder and CEO, Dr. McElory Hoffmann,  an internationally published data scientist and at the time computer science lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch, started the project Machine Learning for Africa after he saw the application potential of his field of study.

One year later Praelexis, with its agile and innovative business model, was born as the result of a keen understanding of the predictive analysis needs of our corporate clients. The company has since grown into a team of data crafters who are accomplished engineers, mathematicians and scientists, and much respected in their respective fields of specialisation.

Our Value Proposition

At Praelexis, the way we perform our craft results in your data being transformed into an asset you can sweat. In our hands, mere data becomes knowledge and intelligence and you, our valued data partner, acquire a data-driven decision-making capability, putting you ahead in your industry

We develop solutions based on advanced mathematical models and known business principles to find hidden patterns and associations in data.