Careers at Praelexis

We are always looking to add new creative & technical people to our Praelexis team.

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We are currently looking for a Data Engineer. Please click on the vacancy link for more information.

The Data Scientist

How does Praelexis define a data scientist?

We see data scientists as passionate crafters.

We see them as curious people who enjoy diving deep into data to find answers. To us, they are people who have a natural desire to go beneath the surface of a problem. Data scientists are confident with their tools, because they often  deal with situations where there is uncertainty. They are patient and meticulous in finding the value in massive data sets, but also creative with new technology.

Data scientists at Praelexis should have statistical, mathematical, predictive modelling, and business strategy skills to build the algorithms necessary to ask the right questions and find the right answers. In other words, we say they are thinkers. They have to be able to communicate findings orally and visually. They understand how products are developed. More importantly, because big data touches the privacy of consumers, they understand their ethical responsibilities.

What you’ll be doing:

You will advocate and build data-fuelled products that help our customers improve their OUTCOMES. You will dig in and become an expert on our client’s datasets. You will provide insight into leading analytic practices and design and lead iterative learning and development cycles.

You will prototype, develop, and improve machine learning software.

As a Praelexis data scientist, you will provide expertise on mathematical concepts for the broader applied analytics team.

You are at the right place if:

  • You desire a fast paced, test-driven, collaborative and iterative engineering environment.
  • You love learning, data, scale, and agility.
  • You excel at making complex concepts simple.
  • You’re driven to show the world the power of machine learning.
job machine learning

What about the tech stack?

At Praelexis you must be  able to program, preferably with experience in:

  • Python
  • Any SQL variant
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

You need to have an understanding of:

  • Hadoop and Spark (Big Data)
  • SQL and noSQL databases
  • Rest APIs
  • Data Processing (ETL)
  • Web frameworks such as: Node, Express, Angular
  • Linux

In addition, we are interested in the following skills:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine learning
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Agile development
  • Statistics

If you are interested, please send us an email with your CV to or